Friday, February 24, 2017

Don't Give Up

Got __ ____ ___ __ here
I ___’_ ____ ___ more

Dear Miss Slapper

I am writing to let you know that I have decided to …

To what? 

People deal with depression in different ways …

Some people start eating; some people stop eating; other people go on eating.
Some take to drink; some take to drugs; others take to d- words.
Some people start gambling; some people start ambling; other people start rambling.
Some send texts; some shop in Next; others surf the Net.
Some people can’t forsake their bed; some people can’t face their bed; other people can’t find their bed.
Some accept there’s a problem; some deny there’s a problem; others don’t know there’s a problem.
Some people behave as if nothing were wrong; some people behave as if everything were wrong; other people try to tie a knot in their dick.
Some go crazy; some go cranky; others go quiet.
Some people fight; some people bite; other people write.
Some write wonderfully; some write woodenly; others write whateverly.

Colin was in the last group. He was always in the last group. Writing was Colin’s catharsis. Whatever “catharsis” meant. And whatever “whateverly” meant, for that matter. 

Well, whatever, writing whateverly, wheneverly, whereverly was a wonderful way to wish one’s woes away with words without wasting one’s whatnots by whacking walls or wailing to the wind.

dayrealing, chapter 10, "Don't Give Up"