Friday, August 22, 2014

On The Beach

Cambrils, Tarragona, August 2014

Thundercloud sky, uninviting sea, deserted beach... 

No frisbees, no boats, no balls... 

No swimmers, no surfers, no people... 


Three minutes after I took this photo, the heavens opened and I was drenched from top to toe. It was worth it, however; if nothing else because it gives me a perfect excuse for a link to one of my favourite Neil Young songs from one of my favourite Neil Young albums.


It was only now that Colin realised that his trainers were smoking and his feet were feeling rather hot, to say the least. He had experienced something similar on the beach in Benidorm last summer, when he had tried to make it to his towel without wearing his flip-flops. That occasion was far worse, of course, because he had had to play cool by pretending that he was in no discomfort whatsoever. Down here, fortunately, he had no qualms about screaming his head off as his toes began to melt. It was as if the road were on—


A bullet whizzed past Colin’s ear. Shoot! This was all he needed right now, he thought, as he dived for cover.

‘Ooh! … Aah! …’ He glanced at his frazzled fingers, scrambled to his feet and staggered on. He had to get off this road. Left or right? Er … Right!

As Colin headed for the left side of the road – a last-minute change of heart –, another bullet shot past him. Colin stumbled on a rock – Who put that there? – and soon found himself hurtling uncontrollably down a hitherto invisible and impossibly steep hill that some joker had placed by the side of the road for everyone’s convenience.


After an impressive display of reverse somersaults, half twists and open pikes, Colin finally came to rest at the boots of the meanest-looking cowboy he had ever seen. And Colin had seen some mean cowboys in his time.

‘Good evening, Mr. Raphead. I’ve been expecting you.’

‘Who the Devil are you?’

‘Welcome to Helley-in-Flames.’

dayrealing, chapter 42, “The Passenger”


  1. Marvellous excerpt – do you know what, I'll have to go back and read the wonderful dayrealing all over again, Mike! (And I love the beach part, too!)

  2. You're far too nice to me, Gerry! Thank you so much for dropping in and taking the time to leave a comment. You're a dying breed! x

  3. How clever you are, leading us into a false sense of security with a beach reference, and then WHAMMY, the hard sell.
    Cunning, sly old stoat you... ;)

    1. Ha ha! Slightly more subtle than, "Buy my audiobook this Christmas, or else!" do you reckon? ;)
      Cheers, Reggie. Always appreciate your support.