Sunday, July 6, 2014

Details In The Fabric

For anyone who cares…

… about little things like numbers and letters
… little things like commas and colons
… things like accents and hyphens
… like dots and apostrophes

For anyone who cares…

… about silly things like rows and columns
… silly things like words and phrases
… things like puns and palindromes
… like spelling and syntax

For anyone who cares…

… about pretty things like tales and stories
… pretty things like poems and sonnets
… things like songs and opera
… like books and novels

For anyone who cares…

… about simple things like singing and playing
… simple things like sharing and learning
… things like reading and writing
… like living and laughing

For anyone who cares,

This one’s for you

A teacher, I, and for my sins I’ve worked.
I slave away, my DoS, he guards the door.
‘Piss off!’ I cry, ‘Have I my duties shirked?’
‘Not yet,’ says he, ‘but soon you will, I’m sure.’
Reports, reports– that’s all I seem to do.
A waste of time, believe me, I should know.
But don’t complain– they’ll only say, ‘Poor you’.
There’s no way out, why bore you with my woe?
Directors come, directors go, sob, sob.
They scream and shout, they nag me, and it galls.
For they refuse to let me do my job.
I’d gladly hang the lot up by the balls.
I hope you liked my silly Shakespeare sonnet.
It’s time to go, my end is weak, but sod it.

            dayrealing, Chapter 30, “Laughing Stock”


  1. "It’s time to go, my end is weak, but sod it."
    What a quaint little ending :D

  2. You're right, dear Reg, it's rather quaint, oh bugger.

  3. Brilliant, Mike! And I'm with you all the way about the importance of little things like commas! And I love your sonnet, including the end!

    1. Thanks, Gerry! I was counting on you to care! Xxx