Monday, May 3, 2010

Follow You, Follow Me

I now have three followers. That's three more than I had three weeks ago. If I carry on at this rate, I reckon I should have four by the end of the week. I might even break double figures by the summer. Can you imagine that? Ten people interested in what I have to say? No, I can't either.

I finally succumbed to Twittermania, and was delighted to see that there's only one tweeting Colin Raphead. As if that wasn't excitement enough, I soon picked up another follower, none other than Penguin Books UK, who were most likely feeling sorry for me. Anyway, they tweeted me, wanting to know whether I'd ever read any good books, when the question they should really have been asking me was, Have you ever written any good books? But of course that's another story, so we'll leave it for another rainy day.

Oh, and just for the record, here are the seven funniest books I have ever read:

Please note that Pride and Prejudice did not make the final cut.

Thank you for reading this rubbish.


  1. You forgot to mention me !
    The Stalker

  2. Sorry! You're a very friendly stalker, as stalkers go, aren't you?

  3. Find me on Twitter @kalinagoenglish - tweet me directly so that I know who you are and also read this:

    Guide to Twitter for EFL teachers