Sunday, May 2, 2010

Father And Son

Daddy, you have to give me ninety-seven euros.
I don't have to give you anything.
Yes, you do.
What for?
Sixty euros for the ticket, seven euros for—
What ticket?
For the concert. Social Distension. Don't you remember?
Are they any good?
Of course. All my friends are going.
All five hundred of them?
No, but Jon's going. And Julen. And Jonathon.
Is Juan going?
Why not?
He's going with his cousin to see U2 in Barcelona.
And the tickets cost sixty euros?
That's a good price, Daddy.
Where is it?
In Bilbao. That's why you've got to give me seven euros for the bus.
I don't have to give you anything.
Yes, you do.
Anyway, that still only makes sixty-seven, not ninety-seven.
Plus twenty-five for the sweatshirt.
What sweatshirt?
A Social Distension sweatshirt. All my friends are buying one.
Why don't you buy a T-shirt?
I've already got the T-shirt.
What does Mummy say?
She wants to know what colour the sweatshirt is.
And what colour is it?
Black, of course.
Of course. Look, I'll think about it. OK?
OK, but I need the money tomorrow morning, so don't think too much.
So, let's see, sixty euros for the concert - they'd better be good -, seven for the bus . . . twenty-five for the silly sweatshirt.
It's not silly, Daddy.
That's ninety-two, not ninety-seven.
You're forgetting my pocket money, Daddy . . .

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