Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

OK, everyone, let’s check your homework.
Yes, Juan, homework. Did you do it?
Sorry, Juan, no points for honesty.
Never mind, Juan. OK, what page was it, Ana?
What page was the homework?
Hundred seventy-six.
The “hundred” was correct, Ana.
No was hundred seventy-six?
A hundred and sixty-seven, Ana.
I say.
One six seven, Ana. Not one seven six.
Yes. I say.
Well, it doesn’t matter. So, Ana, what did you put—
What page you say?
A hundred and sixty-seven, Pablo. One six seven.
No was hundred seventy-six?
No, Pablo. OK, sorry, Ana, what did you put for number one?
What I put number one?
Yes, what you put number one?
I no put nothing.
I no do homework.
Copied Juan, eh?
No, I think you say hundred sixty-seven.
I did say a hundred and sixty-seven, Ana.
So, why we are looking hundred seventy-six? . . .

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